Save the date Amsterdam Demin Days 2017


Mariette Hoitink


“Amsterdam Denim Days is a meeting of kindred spirits, bringing together denim professionals from manufacturers and mills as well as designers and developers. Kingpins functions at the heart as well as at the starting point of all this, but Amsterdam Denim Days offers also a lot of events open to all jeans lovers. From seminars and workshops to exhibitions and documentaries, there’s something for everyone. That’s the great thing about Amsterdam Denim Days, it serves everybody with a blue heart,” says Mariette Hoitink, owner/founder/managing director HTNK, known for its focus denim. Amsterdam-based HTNK is an innovative and progressive recruitment & consultancy firm. “Since 1997 HTNK is the one-stop-shop for everyone with ambitions in fashion; professionals looking for challenging job opportunities, companies looking for fashion talent and media and institutes looking for strategic insight in the industry,” says Hoitink.